Marine Insurance Broking since 1896
Bergvall Marine AS is a young company, but we take pride in our history and our roots which date back to the late 19th century.

In 1896 Arvid Bergvall AS was established by the grandfather of Mr. Bjørn Bergvall, who himself took the helm as 3rd generation in 1968. He involved several of his partners as shareholders in the business in Oslo and in the companies they established in Singapore, Miami and Gothenburg. Arvid Bergvall AS became the largest pure marine insurance brokers in Scandinavia and Bjørn Bergvall set a pattern for the major Norwegian marine brokers when he sold Arvid Bergvall AS to Sedgwick Group in 1994. This Group was subsequently taken over by Marsh in 1998, and Bergvall retired in 2006.

However, once an entrepreneur always an entrepreneur - towards the end of 2008 Bjørn and carefully selected partners established Bergvall Marine AS, which after five successful years of trading became part of the Arthur J Gallagher Group in December 2013.

A long and strong tradition in Maritime Insurance
Picture of Bjørn
Bjørn Bergvall
Non-Executive Director